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the bottom area is not clickable on iphone6 and iphone6plus

2015-07-03 @sunderls

iOS safari landscape unclickable iphone6 iphone6plus iphone8.0~8.2 js

descript, bug

for iOS safari,

on portrait mode, the addressbar and bottom bar will come out if tap on the very bottom.

on landscap mode, this should be the same. But iphone6 & iphone6plus , there is no bottom bar, so the bottom area is not clickable.

Even on google search homepage, the bottom link of user terms cannot be clicked on iphone6(iOS8.0~8.2), which is ...


this bug has been fixed on iOS8.3


avoid putting clickable element near the bottom border on iphone6 & iphone6 plus(iOS8.0~8.2). If you need to , you can move the elements a little higher.


if ((isIPhone6 || is IPhone6Plus) && iOSVer < '8.3'){
      // move the bottom area a little up
      // around 40px?